Persistence of Memory

I’ve been thinking a lot about a certain person. A person that’s found himself writhing inside my memory.

M E M O R Y.

… It’s quite interesting how persistent our memory can be, even when we ourselves are self-conscious of the elusive feelings derived from our thoughts. Most of the time, a memory can conjure more than one emotion: passion and disgust, jubilant and liberated.

I was on the Freshly Pressed tab here on WordPress, and the first thing I saw was a post on a photo that was too familiar for me to ignore. It was a photo that I saw during middle school, I vaguely do not remember what exact class or year I saw it. But I recognized it. I quickly searched on Google for more information, and was absolutely fascinated by what I found out.

The painting is from the 1934, made and recognized due to a painter called Salvador Dali. The photo is attached below:

This photo, representing the period of Surrealism, embodies the essence of memory and our inability to fully grasp it’s incredible and complex form of working. According to some sources, the picture contains many poised symbols: a hidden face believed to be the Dami himself, an orange clock covered with ants (death), a white sagging clock (representing our awareness and recognition of memories), and a coastal background of sand mountains and what seems to be a wide blue ocean. A lot is going on in the picture, so I don’t want to manipulate your own ideas and interpretations.

The painting is currently located in New York and has been for almost 8 decades.

If you ever travel to the East Side, I highly recommend you go and see it.

I know I would if I had the chance right now.


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